HIBS Documentation

Jean has documented many architecturally significant buildings/sites through the Historic Illinois Building Survey (HIBS) program, which involved the development of in-depth written reports, digital color photographs, and architectural drawings.  These projects used the federal Historic American Building Survey (HABS) Outline Form for written recordation, although standards for photographic documentation and architectural drawings were different.  HIBS recordation typically served as a mitigation strategy to document properties prior to alteration or demolition.  Final recordation packages were submitted to the State Historic Preservation Officer (SHPO) for accession to the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library in Springfield.  Starting in 2019, the SHPO discontinued the HIBS program in favor of the HABS program, which is administered by the National Park Service.

Jean researched and wrote HIBS Outline Reports for the projects listed below, all of which involved intensive primary and secondary source research and the development of a series of scholarly, footnoted essays. In projects that were supervised by Jean, she also produced the required digital photographic documentation.