University of Chicago Heritage Building Reports

Chicago, IL

Client: University of Chicago

The University of Chicago retains Jean to develop historic and architectural reports for many of its historic buildings for preservation planning purposes. Intensive primary and secondary source research is undertaken at repositories that include the Special Collections Research Center at Regenstein Library. Each report documents the original appearance of the building, alterations, and its current appearance. Jean takes exterior and interior photos of each building, which are inserted in the reports, as are original and current floor plans and historic photos.

Accompanying historical context essays document the building’s construction and how it addressed original and later programmatic needs. In many cases, the faculty of the departments to be housed in a building were actively involved in its planning, providing detailed oversight pertaining to layout, furnishings, and the symbolism of its sculptural ornament. Essays also discuss significant events and people associated with the building. For example, the Ryerson Building served as the workplace for many world-renowned physicists, including three faculty members who were recipients of the Nobel Prize in Physics—Albert A. Michelson, Robert A. Millikan, and Arthur H. Compton—and one recipient of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, Robert S. Mulliken, all of whom worked there during the 1920s.

Jean developed Heritage Building Reports for the following:

  • Bartlett Commons, 1903 (Shepley, Rutan & Coolidge)
  • Chicago Lying-In Hospital, 1931 (Schmidt, Garden & Erikson)
  • Cochrane-Woods Art Center and Smart Museum, 1974 (Edward Larabee Barnes)
  • Court Theatre, 1981 (Harry Weese & Associates)
  • Eckhart Hall, 1930 (Charles Klauder)
  • Frank R. Lillie House, 1902 (Irving and Allen Pond, architects)
  • Haskell Hall, 1896 (Henry Ives Cobb)
  • Lorado Taft House, 1899
  • Mandel Hall, 1903 (Shepley, Rutan & Coolidge)
  • Midway Studios, 1929 reconstruction (Otis Floyd Johnson)
  • Pick Hall, 1971 (Ralph Rapson)
  • Rockefeller Memorial Chapel, 1928 (Bertram Grosvenor Goodhue)
  • Ryerson Physical Laboratory Building, 1894 (Henry Ives Cobb)
  • Social Science Research Building, 1929 (Coolidge & Hodgdon)
  • Stuart Hall, 1904 (Shepley, Rutan & Coolidge)
  • Sunny Gymnasium, 1929 (Armstrong, Furst & Tilton)
  • University of Chicago Laboratory Schools
    • Blaine Hall and Belfield Hall, 1903 (James Gamble Rogers)
    • Judd Hall, 1931 (Armstrong, Furst & Tilton)
    • University High School, 1960 (Perkins & Will)
  • Wieboldt Hall, 1928 (Coolidge & Hodgdon)
  • William Wilder House, 1897 (Lonsdale Green)