Historic Resource Assessments


Jean prepares Historic Resource Assessments, which are reports that evaluate a building’s historic and architectural significance. Such studies are typically undertaken on behalf of the property owner, upon request by a local historic preservation commission, due to the application for a permit to demolish or alter a historic building. In some municipalities, a finding of significance results in a delay of the permit’s issuance with the intent that the property owner may find other alternatives. If the house is subsequently razed after the period of delay has passed, the Assessment is placed on file at the local historical society and serves as documentation of that resource.

Historic Resource Assessments typically include biographies of each owner; a description of the house and its alterations; an essay on the architect; an examination of the house’s architectural style in relation to similar examples in the neighborhood; and an evaluation of historic and architectural significance. In cases involving a demolition permit request, Jean also evaluates the architectural impact of such an action on the surrounding neighborhood. Research is undertaken at a variety of repositories that include the Recorder of Deed’s Office, the local historical society, and the local library. Jean also takes exterior and interior photos of the house, which are included in the report, as are photos of other houses in the vicinity, historic images, and copies of building permits and Sanborn Fire Insurance maps.

Jean authored Historic Resource Assessments for the houses listed below, which together represented a variety of styles, including Colonial Revival, Tudor Revival, French Eclectic, Craftsman, Italian Renaissance, Spanish Mediterranean, and Modernistic Ranch.


  • Donald McPherson House, 644 Pine Lane (1922; Clark & Walcott)
  • Dudley Cates House, 1190 Westmoor Road (1928; Edwin H. Clark)
  • Ernest Clark House, 526 Sunset Road (ca. 1926)
  • Eugene Rummler House, 1015 Starr Road (1924; John Van Bergen)
  • F. Thomas Morris House, 1170 Westmoor Road (1926; Ralph E. Stoetzel)
  • Frank O. Magie House, 735 Sheridan Rd. (1904; Joseph Llewellyn)
  • Forest Lowrey House, 560 Oak Street (1937; Raymond F. Houlihan)
  • George A. Thorne House, 391 Sheridan Road (1901; George L. Harvey)
  • John T. Boddie House, 848 Tower Road (1908; Arthur S. Coffin)
  • Joseph Gay House, 818 Bryant Ave. (1903)
  • Lafayette Fisher House, 1035 Sheridan Road (1956, Henry L. Newhouse II)
  • Leslie Cook House, 141 Sheridan Road (1923; Oldefest & Williams)
  • Mellen Martin House, 630 Rosewood Ave. (1924; Russell Walcott)
  • Percy Andreae House, 635 Blackthorn Rd. (1920; L.G. Hallberg, Jr.)
  • Ralph Sargent House, 248 Linden Street (1921; William Aitken)
  • Rudolf Pabst House, 200 DeWindt Road (1936; White & Weber)
  • Thomas Bassett House, 461 Maple Ave. (ca. 1861 with later additions)
  • William Remy House, 300 Sunset Road (1920; Paul F. Olsen)


  • Charles Olson, Jr. House, 233 Sheridan Rd. (1957; Jerome Cerny)
  • Robert Hurlburt House, 310 Raleigh Rd. (1924; G.E. Pearson)

Lake Forest

  • Burton Carlson House, 531 E. Woodland Road (1959; Anton E. Kampf)
  • Frank G. Reynolds House, 301 W. Laurel Avenue (1931; Edwin H. Clark)
  • Gilbert E. Porter III House at 650 Lake Road (1926; Frazier, Blouke and Hubbard)